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Abstract (English):
The article deals with the question of the hotel services competitiveness and the impact of external factors on the formation of the hotel enterprises strategy. Despite the economic crisis, sanctions and anti-sanctions the hotel market still remains highly competitive. Today, however, supply exceeds demand, so in the foreseeable future it is not clear how the market will correct it. Under these conditions, hotels in Moscow constantly carry out monitoring of competitors´ pricing and assortment policy. Changing of a consumer portrait is a new trend that has appeared, which required a new approach to the formation of prices. Hoteliers are increasingly working on dynamic tariffs not only during a month, but weeks and even days. Thus, the number of hotels implementing the flexible hotel product sales system is increasing. When strategy construction the differentiation of customers is advanced to the forefront and the services that surpass competitor’s services by consumer characteristics is formed, ensuring the commercial success of the hospitality industry organizations.

: hotel enterprise, strategy, tariff segment, hotel product, indicators, competitiveness

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